Alicja from Rzeszów

I have come to "Sosnowa Aleja" regularly for over 10 years. I could see the big house becoming nicer and nicer. I was here when 2 small houses were being built. I even helped Janusz rake the grass! I could see all the pine trees becoming higher and higher. I was never bored. Every year the same place looks different and it is so interesting. I love running away from the big city to Baligród and doing nothing apart from resting, hearing the birds and counting leaves on the trees or the clouds in the sky. My family from different cities in Poland would spend their holidays for 7 years when their children were smaller. Janusz is very sympathetic. He can make people happy. He is absolutely proof against tourist's extravagance. I wish you to find here what you need and to have a good rest. I will come here again and again...

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